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Don’t Miss this Valuable Opportunity to watch five K-12 startups present to three School Superintendents.

This is an exclusive opportunity for educational leaders in the New York metropolitan area, to attend  NYC EdTech  in New York City. You will have the opportunity to see five K-12 startups present their companies to three School District Superintendents in a “SharkTank” like setting. You will have the opportunity to network with the company leaders and investors involved in producing these “next generation” products. There is no cost to attend this event, we just ask that you register by clicking the link “I’ll be there” so sufficient materials, refreshments, etc. will be available at the venue.

When:    Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
              8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Where:   Fox Rothschild LLP
101 Park Avenue, NY, NY, 10178


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8.30 – 9:00 am     Networking & Refreshments
9:00 –  9:15 am     Event Introduction by: Randy Adler, Partner and National Co-Chair, Emerging Companies & Venture Capital practice group at Fox Rothschild LLP
9:15 – 11:00 am   Presentations
Presentations by:
Jamie Poskin, Founder & CEO, TeachFX
Jeremy Rogoff, CEO & Co Founder, Kickup 
Storey Sitwala, Product Manager,  Schoolzilla  

Yevgen Borodin,CEO Founder, Capti Voice

11:00 am – 11:30 am Networking

Hosted By:

School Superintendent Panel:

Dr. Bill Heidenreich, Valley Stream Central High School District
Dr. Michael P. Nagler, Mineola Union Free School District
Dr. Edward A. Salina, Jr., Plainedge Union Free School District

Randy Adler, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

Presenting Companies:


Education Elements are seasoned educators who work with districts to build and support dynamic school systems that meet the needs of every learner, today and tomorrow.  We support school districts in a variety of ways, with a proven methodology and customized approach. 

While best known for personalized learning, we support districts in many ways:

Personalized Learning Design and Implementation, Competency-Based Education Design and Implementation, Strategy Development, Leadership & Capacity Building, Curriculum Strategy, OER Adoption, Instructional Model Design, Professional Development & Support

As a complement to the support we already provide to school districts, we created Touchpoint, an online tool. We believe that for change to be successful, everyone needs to be aligned. Touchpoint provides one single source of all the information, resources and timelines that districts need to manage the many moving parts of big system-wide change. Designed to help leaders map and track progress, Touchpoint supports school teams as they design experiences that meet the needs of students. It also allows district teams to easily onboard new waves of school and staff to the initiative.


Research shows that the more students speak in class, the more they learn. Yet student speech is something we rarely measure. TeachFX is a tool that visualizes for teachers what portions of class are teacher talk vs. student talk, when wait time is being used effectively, and more. Teachers simply use their iPhone, iPad, or laptop to analyze their class, and the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm tracks their talk ratio and wait times automatically. TeachFX’s mission is to promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue by enabling teachers to get professional feedback on a regular basis.

KickUp helps K-12 organizations understand the link between professional learning and classroom outcomes. KickUp is a data analytics service that helps PD leaders and providers optimize resources and prove outcomes. Working together, KickUp and PD leaders clearly assess needs and organizational goals, determine progress towards these goals, and prioritize next steps


Schoolzilla is dedicated to enabling people to use data to improve outcomes for students by ensuring that educators and administrators have access to actionable, intuitive data. With its origins within a school system, Schoolzilla now provides a dashboard solution, Mosaic District Progress Monitoring, to over 100 school systems across the country, including several in New York. Using Mosaic, administrators, school leaders, and teachers can see overall progress on attendance, enrollment, benchmark assessment, behavior, college-readiness, reading proficiency goals and more. Mosaic is intuitive, easy to explore and designed to answer critical information in three clicks or less. As a result, educators and administrators report that they save themselves time on state reporting, more effectively engage educators in data-driven instruction practices, and gain critical insight on ways to drive action and change students’ lives.

Espark Learning At eSpark Learning, we believe that with the right technology and support, every teacher can put students at the heart of instruction. Our solutions streamline student-centered learning, allowing teachers to address students’ unique needs while driving engagement, critical thinking, and stronger academic outcomes. Learn more about our PK-8 solutions for reading, writing, and math at www.esparklearning.com.

Capti Voice  is a personalized reading support tool saving teachers time and frustration by enabling them to differentiate effectively for students of all abilities. Capti helps students develop active reading strategies, improve their vocabulary, and keep up with reading. It has AI-powered features including contextual translation, adaptive vocabulary games, etc. Capti is universal as it works across content sources, formats, devices, student abilities, age groups, and subject areas. Capti also replaces 5+ other disparate tools with a single integrated solution. 

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